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Alternative Titles: Mahishapura, Mysore, Purigere

Mysuru, conjointly known as Mysore, city, south-central province state, southern India. It lies northwest of Chamundi Hill Associate in Nursingd midway between the Kaveri (Cauvery) and Kabani (Kabbani) rivers on the undulating Deccan highland at an elevation of two,525 feet (770 metres). The land close town is characterised by rain-filled shallow depressions (tanks).

The site was mentioned within the epic religious writing as Mahishmati (Mahismati). Mysore was called Purigere within the Mauryan era (3rd century BCE) and later became Mahishapura. it absolutely was the executive capital of the princely state of Mysore from 1799 to 1831 and long was the second most-populous town (after Bengaluru [Bangalore]) of province state, till being surpassed by Hubballi-Dharwad within the last half of the twentieth century. Its urban agglomeration, however, remains the state’s second largest.

Mysuru is a very important producing and mercantilism centre, and it's textile (cotton and silk), rice, and oil mills, sandalwood-oil and chemical factories, and tanneries. The suburbia of Belagula, to the northwest, produces chrome dyes and chemical fertiliser. The city’s industries square measure battery-powered by the electricity station close to Sivasamudram Island to the east. Mysuru’s house industries embrace cotton weaving, tobacco and low process, and also the creating of bidis (cigarettes). the world is thought for its design in ivory, metal, and wood, and also the market close to the depot is a group centre for native farm merchandise. town has Associate in Nursing flying field, lies at the junction of 2 northern railway lines, and could be a major intersection on India’s principal western road system.


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