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Money quotes shayari.self made contributions are  mingled in with a number  of the simplest money quotes money from history."when money speaks truth is silent"we collected the simplest quotes collection
 1 A touch thought and tiny kindness are often worth quite an excellent deal of cash.
 2 The shortage of cash is root of all devil.
 3 Wealth is ability to completely experience life.
 4 money can't buy cannot heal ruptured relationships,or build meaning into a life that has none
 5 greed is not a financial issue.its a heart issue.
 6 None ever achieved a financial fitness with a January resolution that's abandoned by February.
 7 Never spend your money before you've got earned it.
 8 Money makes your life easier.if you're lucky to posses it,you're lucky.
 9 An honest reputation is more valuable than money.
 10 The thoughest thing to know within the world is that the incometax



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