Mango ice cream recipe|3 ingredients,creamy,no Ice crystals

Mango ice cream recipe 3 ingredients,creamy,no ice crystals.Mango ice cream recipe with simple ingredients and methods.

Mango ice cream recipe ingredients:

 .mangoes 5-6 or 2 cups (approx 509 grams)
 .condensed milk ¾ cup(you can add upti 1 cup for added sweetness)
 .whipping cream  (sweetens)1.5 cup (you can use any brand like amul whipping cream,richs,tropilite etc) and no preservatives!
Mango ice cream recipe cooking method:
  1. Chop the mangoes or you can also chop as per your convenience.remove  the skin using spoon which is most comfortable.squeeze out the extra pulp from the seeds.
  2. Now add the pulp in a sieve.the excess moisture which will drain out will help reduce the forming of ice cream which in turn will help us reduce the forming of ice crystals in the ice cream.
  3. Now without using a single dropbof water grind the mangoes into a puree.
  4. Now in a bowl add 2 cups mango puree and mix ¾ cup of condenced can use 1 cup too as per your taste.mix really well and check for sweetness.if sweetness is good for you then do not add any sugar.if you want more sweetness you can add in powdered sugar as per your choice and taste to check.
  5. I did not add any sugar because my mixture was perfect and also to remember that the cream we will be usig is also already sweetened.the sweetness of mangoes also plays a big role.
  6. Now in another bowl add the whipping cream.use a whisk or a electrical blender to whip the cream untill stiff peaks.The whisk will take you about 15 minutes but the electric beater reduces the time drastically.
  7. If you are using fresh cream you should keep a bowl full of ice and then sprinkle good amount of salt on it .now keep another bowl in it and then start the whisking.i have tried this and with a whisk it takes a good 25 minutes and with the electric beater it almost will take you around 15 minutes.whipping cream is a much better option and now it is available in many stores near you so please try and use the whipping cream.
  8. Once the cream is whipped now gradually add in the mango  mixture.mixing the mixture slowly ensure that the cream does not lose its air which is every important .you can use a cut and fold method to fold in or just simply mix slowly.
  9. Retain ¼ cup of mango mixture for later will be used to make those swirls like premium ice cream have,you can opt to skip this step and mix the complete mixture.
  10. Use whisk too smoothen out the mixture.
  11. Now use and metal,glass or plastic container to set the ice cream.
  12. Now add in some chopped mangoes and mix gently.add in the remaining mango mixture and use a bamboo stick or back of the spoon to make swirls as shown.
  13. Cover with a plastic wrap and make sure that it touches the ice cream surface.this will ensure that no ice crust is formed on top.i used three containers for this mango ice cream so it does not matter to use various molds,you can also set it in smaller individual servings.
  14. Freez your ice cream,for at least 4 hours or overnight.
  15. Remove ice cream and rest it for 5 minutes before can serve it with some fresh mangoes.enjoy some Delish mango ice cream with no preservatives.


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