Harley Davidson livewire|price,engine,speed,tire

Harley Davidson livewire price,engine,speed,tire review.harley Davidson livewire first ever all-electric motorcycle.it also represents Harley's first electric motorcycle.the first of many and unlike the chrome- brigade harley is famous for the livewire promises something else entirely.powerdrift go to ride the in india and minds are blown.this is a stunning motorcycle on every count.its one hundred percent a harley and yet,it's every a motorcycle that you simply won't expect from the American brand .
Harley Davidson livewire specification


95/146 MI(152/233 km)
 Seat height 761 mm(30)
 Weight 249 kg (549 lbs)
 Ground clearance 130 mm(5")
 Battery 15.5 kwh
 Torque 116 nm
 Hp 105
 Price 22 lack
 Charging 0-80%  40 minutes
0-100% 60 minutes
 0-60 speed  3 second 
Harley Davidson has completed 10 years in india.harley davidson livewire have the top speed of 180kmph.
The 2020 livewire is harley davidsons foray into the world of electric motorcycles.A nascent platform with immense potential to tap into the next generation of motorcyclist.and also one which gives harley the chance to wipe the slate clean and showcase what they are truly capable of.


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