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Keep me as a friend and that I will keep you in my heart and lockit up I'll throw away the keyin order that nobody can far away from me.
How long we could bestfriend?Does one need the clue as long as stars twinkles within the sky,till the water runs dry and till the day I die.
Love may be a unstoppable,love is emotional love is unimaginable,love is desire,love is destiny,but friendship is one-hundredth quite love.
Flower remmember bees,fish remmembers water,trees remmember the rain,at this moment I remember you my friend.
Am not sort of a clock which will sms you 24hrs each day but my heart is sort of a clock that n"art-6">a friend is someone who knews the songin your haert and maysingit backto you,when you have forgotten the words.
One day I die without saying good bye.but I will be able to forget to mention many thanks because you've got given me one among the love list friendship ever in myself.
A faithful friend may be a night lamp which provides light in the dark when there's no sun.we cannot tell which is vital.
If smile may be a book,igive you a library if care may be a sim,I offer you talktime if friendship is life,I offer you myself.
People say friends are made in heaven they are available in your life,but I made you my friend during this world made mylife a heaven.


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